Avensa is a solution provider to the textile and healthcare industries. The firm came into business in 1996 with the introduction of the "Wrinkle Free" concept to Indian garment manufacturers. In 2007, the firm was rebranded as Avensa (Formerly S&A Impex) with two main divisions, Textile Chemicals and Healthcare. In 2008, we ventured into healthcare by providing healthcare related disinfectants to hospitals in India. The firm was set up by Mr. Arvind Singhal who is the chairman of the firm. Mr. Aditya Singhal is currently the director of the company.

Currently, the firm has a team of 45 people operating out of two offices (Gurgaon-NCR and Tirupur) who bringing skills in the areas of electrical, biomedical, textile and other engineering fields. Our healthcare team includes, associate physicians, chemical engineers, biomedical engineers, and part time surgeons to assist our team. Our strength lies in our marketing and sales team who are able to gauge the requirements of the customer and provide the highest levels of service.

Our facilities include laboratories for R & D and quality control, manufacturing units for in house production and a distribution centre for efficient supply chain management.

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